Monday, November 24, 2008


Wow, what a weekend...

Thank you everyone who stopped by, from new faces to old, it was great getting to talk with you all.

Hopefully everyone who attended had a good time. All of the exhibitors and creators really made it an enjoyable weekend.

Many memorable moments were had. From the quote "Toss it in the air like a baby." and carpooling with Ryan Claytor to rubber band wars at the end of Sunday.

Once again, thank you everyone for making the weekend worthwhile and great big ol' thanks to Brian Germain and Dark Elf Designs for putting on a great show.

I hope we all can stay in touch and not wait till the next con to try and play catch up.

Oh almost forgot one more thing "DARN YOU GALAXY COMICS AND YOUR $1 BIN!!!" between Ryan and I we easily took the equivalent of a long box home (for those who don't know what a long box is trust me it's a lot of comics.)

Keep an eye out for more stuff to come though XcapeCON I made some contacts with some other great creators and it looks like we're going to have some joint projects coming out soon.

Until next time,


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Unknown said...

That's really good news to heard Jay!

I'm really glad thats you and others have wonderful time. Sorry that I couldn't make it to come to XcapeCon this year. If we know about this a lot of sooner, we able to come. Oh well, there are more comic con out there for us. I will see you Sunday at GWC.