Friday, November 7, 2008

First Post & 24 hr Comic Book Day

Alright Ladies and Gentleman in the Digital world....

I've finally taken the first step into online blogging. Now to keep this horribly brief I feel for my first post I'll talk about a little project I was involved in...

INTERNATIONAL 24 hour Comics Day!!!

So I'm a little late getting this out there but I had a lot of fun on October 18th, 2008. For those of you who don't know what 24 hour Comics Day is just image this... 24 consecutive hours for an individual Comic Book Creator to create a 24 page comic. That's fully written, illustrated, and edited in the 24 hour period. Almost forgot... Only preparation is inadvertent i.e. supplies, resource material, things like that. To learn more just click here.

So now you know the premise, now here's the setup. Beginning at 10 am Saturday morning seven of us set off on the challenge at Clem's Collectibles in downtown Lansing, MI. The seven comprised of Dean Stahl, Dan Harris, Ryan Claytor, Eric Wilmoth, Jason Howard, Jonathon Gordon, and myself. We were all off to a good pace (except myself I had some errands to run right off the bat. After a quick run home to get a program for my scanner and a jaunt to Grand Art Supply for blue lead I was finally on my way. It was already 11am though... 1 hour down.) Through out the day many great and wonderful people stopped in to say "hi" and witness all seven of us creating. Around 3:30-ish in the afternoon I had twelve pages "blue-lined" and had to do some "plotting" to close up my story... Of course this was done over a pint of Guinness next door at Brannigan Brothers. Forty-five minutes, an interview, and a fun chat with a drunken guy later, I was back to the races.

Late in the evening tragedy stuck. We lost Jonathan Gordon to a previous sports-related injury, he unfortunately was not able to continue and had to bow out of the challenge. The six of us plowed on throughout the night. Dean Stahl was the first to finish he closed up his story at 19 pages around 6:30am, Ryan Claytor finished his 25 page expose around 7:30 (he thought he had 24 pages but merely ended up with 2 page 16's from my understanding). Dan Harris finished around 9:30am. I myself finished at 9:59am with about 40 seconds to spare. Eric Wilmoth and Jason Howard were unable to complete their comics in the 24 hour period (though it should be noted that Jason Howard had his entire comic penciled and was working on inks when the clock struck 10am)

All in all the challenge was worth it, the experience indispensable, and the camaraderie unmatched.

With out further ado HERE is my 24 Hour Comic for all to enjoy.

More posts and images will be coming soon (after all this is my first post in a developing blog), so check back often and feel free to comment, judge, rate, berate, disassemble, enjoy, praise, or tear whatever I have to say or create to shreds a.k.a. "Tear me a knew one." Constructive criticism is appreciated and welcomed.

Well that's all for now.

Until next time,



Anonymous said...

Very Cool! I am inspired. So when is your next 24 hour comic? I want in!

Anonymous said...

Great job, Jay! Good to hear from you.

Unknown said...

Congrulations you make it 24 Hour Comics Day challenge! It was pleasure meet and chat you at Clem's Collectible.

Jay Jacot said...

Thanks everyone I'm glad you enjoyed it,

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