Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I've been away too long...

How time flies through the Holidays...

I apologize to all for the tardiness of my posts, I have no one to blame but myself and the needs of the family (I tried to sneak that lil bit in there for ya)

Here's a brief update and some images will be coming soon...

1. Rick Schlaak is finishing inks on a new project entitled "Redtooth", If you haven't caught me mentioning Rick before he's the one who illustrated the T-rex (That I had the pleasure of coloring.)

Redtooth will be one half of a new book comic out from Comics Obscura this year titled "Split Decisions" The book will be twenty four pages in length with two separate stories being featured (the best thing about this is we're doing two different covers one for each story.)

2. I have some images from another LADD meeting coming soon just a few touch-ups and they;ll be posted here...

3. I don't know why I started this silly number system, I really only had time and 2 quick tidbits of info... Though without further ado


My post op surgery of Comics Obscura since issue# 3


The 2nd annual MSU Comics and Graphic Novels event

Comments on Fairview St. and Full length motion picture by Michael McCallum, check out the trailer at fairviewstreet.com

Redtooth Images

Some other old images to be shared with the blogging world...

And much, much... er... well some more stuff as things continue to happen