Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Time to dust off the blog.

Well now... It's been a little bit since I've made a post. I figured it's about time to come back and dust off the old blog. I've really missed it and apologize emphatically for my laziness. A lot has been happening in the time I've been away.

- I've finally started working on the relaunch of Comics Obscura (something I need to do to keep the dream alive.) It should be launched by the end of the year with the first issue hopefully in early 2011. I'm going to build a solid base that the idea can flourish on. Over this past winter I finally started to deal with some issues (brought on by the Comics Obscura debacle from last June) that I didn't realize I had. It was part of the reason I disappeared from this blog for so long.

-The Tao of Snarky has gone back to the Drawing board for some reworking on the script and story to provide the best story possible, after working for so long with page restrictions we got into a compressed storytelling mode. It kinda felt like the story was being vomited onto the page when we started doing more than six pages at a time. It's all for the better trust me. I'll post more info as we work it out.

- I've started work on a story by Jeremy Dunckel titled: A Throne of Refuse. It's a dark psychological trip that Is a solid story. This is going to be the next sequential work I'll be publishing.

- Kurt Spatrisano is currently working on a script based on one of my story concepts. It's the tale of a soldier dealing with his emotions that plays of the concept "We never give children enough credit for what they can understand." I've been mulling this over for a while, earlier this year Kurt and i were sitting down and I brought it up, Kurt made some good comment about it and I asked if he would write it. I can't wait to get started on it.

- I've made a decision about my blog-posting irregularities. The blog will be updated every Tuesday night by 9:00pm (est) with a new post and new art. I figure this way I can devote some time to making your visit here as entertaining and enjoyable as possible (basically not leave a hastily scrawled post)

Now I have something to share. right before Motor City Comic Con I threw up a question on my Facebook requesting ideas to draw for a new print. There were many great ideas, one of my favorites being Space Teddy Roosevelt (project in the works, probably a web-comic,) but then something magical happened... Joe Foo made a statement "Betty White vs, Wolverine"... needless to say pencils and inks were done the next night and colors were finished the night after.

So without further ado... Betty White vs. Wolverine

I look forward to seeing everyone here every Tuesday night.

Thanks for joining me and entertaining my prattle.

-Jay Jacot