Sunday, December 7, 2008

L.A.D.D. Drawings

These are a few days behind schedule so you'll have to forgive me.

First off "What is LADD?"

LADD, or Lansing Area Drink and Draw, is the artists who were involved at the 24 Hour Comic Day Event at Clem's Collectibles this past year (see my post about 24hr comics day hear). 

We decided that we need to keep the creative forces in touch.

Hence, LADD was born...

Here are some of my sketches from this past LADD event.

First off a random monkey who ran out of poo...

Ryan Claytor suggested something about a curiously shaped back massager...
Here's my rendition (I don't think it's what he had in mind.)

A concept image of the "Chaos" element for one of my projects still in the works... 

To close it all off here is total randomness. I started with the teeth and the head.
The fact that it was knitting was just something funny that popped in my head...

Hope everyone enjoyed them,

all images are Copyright 2008 James Jacot