Monday, November 17, 2008


So I've had a little problem keeping on track with my projects...

This includes but is not limited to the much needed revamping on my business card. Finishing the layout for Snarky: the Cutting Edge Issue 1. Writing and creating the rough Layout for a new "one and done" 24 page comic involving an antagonist almost everyone can understand, the Nazis. And also getting a new publication for Comics Obscura off of the ground...

Wait a minute...

This is involving that new project.

So anyways after issue 3 a great artist joined our group by the name of Rick Schlaak. He's constantly amazing me while his talent grows by leaps and bounds every time his pencil or pen nib touches the page.

Now I'm not going to give to much of the project away but I have one word for you... DINOSAURS (as if you couldn't tell by the title of this post).

Rick recently sent me some preliminary sketches he scanned in. All of the images were absolutely remarkable, however there was one that jumped out at me and begged to be colored(not literally but that would have been a sight to see). So I did.

I can't explaining to much about the project so I'll stick to basic dictation

The first image is the original scan of Rick's drawing (as I said this guys got serious talent).

The preceding image is my basic flats.

The third and final image if the final colors (sadly I saved over the mid stage file between my color flats and final, I apologize, next time I'll have it ready to post and stored in a safe place.)

Click on the images to see the image in a new window.



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