Tuesday, March 8, 2011

24 Weeks of Sequentials pt. X

Here we are at week ten, and it's Fat Tuesday... where's my Paczki? I've been to busy working on this page to get them, that's where they are. Ah well, maybe next year.

It's funny with these weekly pages. I find that by setting this goal/deadline my subconscious plays with my production. What I mean by this is that I find I've been creating more work for myself than is necessary. Spending to much time on one step or another thinking I have plenty of time. Then I find myself rushing at the last minute to get it completed. Well it's time to work on that, stay focused, and eliminate unnecessary work.

As frustrating as it can be sometimes, i wouldn't want to be doing anything else. Well let's get back to it... here's page 10.

As with every Tuesday be sure to stop over at Ryan Claytor's website where he's posted his next page of And Then One Day#9. www.elephanteater.com.

That's all for this week. Next week I'll be posting some information/reviews on two new pieces of equipment I've received for my computer setup, they are as follows.

1. An all in one Printer/Scanner that prints and scans up to 11"x17" pages wirelessly (I'll be getting this delivered later this week, the review is pending on how much I get to use it before Tuesday.

2. A NAS which is a network storage device that's set up to mirror certain folders on my computer and back up the information from the folders in real time.

I love getting a chance to play with new equipment that can provide a relatively cheap solution to a streamlined work setup.

Catch everyone next week,


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