Sunday, May 17, 2009


First things first... A huge thank you to everyone at this year's Motor City Comic Con it was a very successful event for me and I'm glad I got a chance to meet so many new people.

I was lucky enough to be placed around a great group of creators. To my immediate left was Rob Forest from E.G.G. Hardboiled Detective. To my right was Ryan Claytor of Elephant Eater Comics. Beside him Eric Wilmoth from Archetypal Images. Behind us Jeremy Bastian, whose book will be coming out shortly titled "Cursed Pirate Girl", and David Peterson of Mouseguard fame.

Joining me on both Saturday and Sunday was Jonathan D Gordan who started experimenting with using the Marvel Essentials Books as coloring practice (If he posts some images I'll link to 'em). The pages he colored turned out amazing!!!

Saturday went splendidly and was day of selling issues and prints (as well as one con sketch to a friend Steve Jencks of Lost Highway check out his stuff at Saturday night found me printing more business cards and hunting through my house for more Hulk and Wolverine prints (I had 3 remaining out of 18 that I started with Friday).

Sunday was incredible, not as busy as Saturday but I spent most of my day doing con sketches for some patrons. Here's what was requested in order (each time they came back to check the progress new sketches were added on) Powergirl, a Hulk, a Wolverine, and a battle worn Supergirl. I was able to snap some photos of them before I said goodbye to these pieces and without further ado I present them now...

Thanks again everyone who attended, this was the best year yet that I've tabled at the Motor City Convention.



Brad D - Scribe of Snarky said...

Jay, nice to hear MC went good for you this year, and that you able to get the Snarky comp up at Indy Planet.

Robert Forest said...

It was a pleasure sitting next to you, friend! Take care and I loved watching how your sketches turned out!

Eric Wilmoth said...

Glad the show went so well for you, man. I meant to get an issue of the Tao of Snarky--If i can make it out this Wednesday I'll make up for that.

Jay Jacot said...

Good to hear from you Brad... Now all we need to do is get people to purchase it!

Thanks Rob, It was also a pleasure having you and the crew as neighbors.

Thats alright Eric... as I like to say it's never to late... Hopefully catch you for LADD.