Monday, April 20, 2009


I'd Like to start by saying a big thanks to everyone who attended as well as tabled at SPACE (the Small Press and Alternative Comic Expo) In Columbus, OH this past weekend.

It was a great event and a lot of fun had by all. 

Early Saturday morning Ryan Claytor, Jonathon D. Gordon, and myself set off in the incomparable squirrelly. We ventured just for a little bit before we picked up Eric Wilmoth in Howell, MI.

With four men and all their convention supplies packed like sardines in a tin can, with lite oil and one of those really neat keys to peal off the top, we started the journey towards to SPACE.

Upon arriving in the fabled land of Columbus we started the first day of two. On an hour and a half of sleep I proceeded to get a chance to meet some of the greatest people and talent available from the Midwest and east coast.

The second day allowed for a lot more camaraderie amongst exhibitors, I got a chance to actually move away from my table and see what was out there. I managed a few trades with other creators and some purchases. I'm finally going to get a chance to go over them later this week, I'll review some them and put some posts up here about my thoughts on the books and where they can be found.

But I digress...

The weekend was great and I can't think of better company than some of the LADDies (Lansing Area Drink and Draw participants) If you wanna find out more info about Ryan, Jonathon, or Eric just click the links to the left of the screen.

Once again thanks to everyone who I had a chance to speak with at SPACE you really made the convention for me.

Check out some pictures from SPACE as found on Comic Related here or follow the link

Now I leave this post with a little piece I created at one of the last LADD meetings... Jonathon D Gordan is physically painting a copy and I'm digitally painting a copy once I hunt down the cause of some file corruption I've been experiencing.

Until next time,


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