Friday, April 3, 2009


Thank you to everyone who came out and made this a great event.

The Keynote speaker David Peterson did a wonderful job with his presentation regarding Comics as a medium. For those who missed it it should be available online soon on the MSU Comics Forum website.

It was treat getting a chance to meet new people and see many familiar faces at the artist alley, thank you to all the creators who were in attendance they helped make the forum what it was. A list of the guests for the artist alley can be found here.

Thanks to all the panel attendees and panelers (or is it panelees?), if you missed the panels they are available to listen to online here.

Congratulations to Chris Houghton who won the Original Comic Submission competition with "Station 8" if you've never seen Chris' work take a few moments to check out his blog.  He's an amazing artist keep your eyes on him over the years, sooner than you think his work will be all over the place.

Thanks to all of the other submitters to the Original Comic Submission, there were many great entries, the top ten will be posted soon on the MSU Comics Forum website. The top 10 will also be collected in a publication to help promote the event for next year.

Speaking of next year...

Keep an eye out for announcements about the MSU Comics Forum 2010.

Thanks again to everyone who attended, those who were unable to attend, and those who supported the efforts set forth by the Organizers and Sponsors.



Chris Houghton said...

Thanks for the link Jay and thanks for acting as my "mole" and giving me the good news! Sounds like it was a fun weekend and I'm bummed I couldn't make it! Thanks again dude and be sure to keep that naked head of yours warm!

Robert Forest said...

It was great seeing you that weekend. Can't wait to see you again at the Motor City Comic Con in Novi! Take care!