Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Well here it is Tuesday night. At this time I'd usually be posting a new page of Snarky: A Cutting Edge.

Unfortunately that won't be happening this evening. Though I do have some news that I'd like to share.

At the recent Cherry Capital Con Leslie Gauthier, Sara Sowles, Tyler Sowles and Myself though we'd revive a old sketch challenge blog Leslie has been part of for some time. So we've kicked it off, the first challenge is to design a new banner for READY SET DRAW. So today at the good old day job, we had a very large meeting to establish the direction for our department/branch of the MDCH (Michigan Department of Community Health.) This gave me a perfect opportunity to brainstorm ideas for my creation. After a short period of time I have my rough Idea and will post the pencils on the new sketch blog. Oh almost forgot you can find the weekly challenges i submit here - http://readysetdraw.blogspot.com/

Now that that little announcement is out of the way a little more information on Snarky.

Just before Cherry Capital con i was approached by an old schoolmate with a comics project. The best part... it's a paying gig. All my time lately has been dedicated to kicking out this project by the deadline, which is July 19th... one week from today. Once that's kicked out, I'll be finishing up the last 2 pages of Snarky then onto another comics project to get it completed by Detroit Fanfare in September.

So be patient, more work is coming, I'll try to get permission to release some of the paying gigs art give a little sneak peak.

Alright folks well I'll see everyone back here next Tuesday night, with a little blast from the past I'm looking to share.



Brad D - Scribe of Snarky said...

Yaay for a payig gig!

Unknown said...

Congrats Jay! Looking forward to see more your works. Josh