Tuesday, June 7, 2011

24 Weeks of Sequentials - Delay

Sorry about this folks, page 22 will delayed a few days. Fell under the weather and spent plenty 'o time sleeping it off in the sweltering heat.

I'll have the page up sometime this week, I'm also going to have some "changes" to page 21 to post as well. AS it was the page just felt off and full of hiccups that pulls you out of the story. So look for that prior to page 22. Then it'll only be 2 more pages until the final bit.

Check back soon and if not soon then over the weekend for all the updates. I'm trying to get a new print or two done for Summit City and C3 so stay tuned.

Until sometime before next Tuesday...


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Ryan Claytor said...

Beatin' ya. :) Just sayin'. *LOLz*


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