Tuesday, January 18, 2011

24 Weeks of Sequentials pt.III

Here we are for week three. Gotta say, working on this page, I solidified quite a bit of my creation process. Things are moving a little smoother and I'm settling into a good pace I like to call, "on time." It's especially impressive for me to be on time with the MSU Comics Forum taking place this weekend. Interviews and a podcast last week cut into my production schedule.

If you're in the Lansing, MI area be sure to pick up this weeks edition of The Noise and The City Pulse, it's going to have info about the MSU comics Forum and, if you haven't made plans to, then you should make plans come to The MSU Comics Forum this weekend, it's a free event that will provide a great venue to meet many comic book creators.

Starting off Friday night, January 21st,2011 from 7pm-8:30pm, will be the keynote address by Nate Powell. Over the past few years the Keynote Address has been a fantastic time to take a peak at the creator behind the art and story. Nate Powell's Keynote should be no different and I am looking forward to taking a peek into the mind behind his amazing comic works.

On Saturday January 22nd, 2011 from 11am-5pm in the LookOut! Gallery will be the Artist Alley. This is a seriously good lineup for an Artist Alley including the aforementioned Nate Powell, Guy Davis, David Petersen, Jason Howard, Ryan Stegman, Jeremy Bastian, Jay Fosgitt, and many more! Creators will have some examples of their work on display albeit in comics, graphic novels, prints, or original art. Many of these items will be available for purchase. Don't be afraid to talk with the creators, we're all happy to converse with our adoring public (too pretentious?) Don't worry though, they won't bite, not last I checked anyways. For information on the guest list for the artist alley head over to the MSU Comics Forum website. www.comicsforum.msu.edu

Almost forgot during the Artist alley many panels will be taking place be sure to check them out.

For this weeks post I was thinking about going into my process of creating a comic page looking at it though I think this post has been long enough. Maybe for a future page I'll do a "process" post. But for now we'll just get on with the show. The Tao of Snarky: The Cutting Edge page 3!

For those that missed the previous pages you can find them through the links below

As with every Tuesday for the first 24 weeks of 2011 my buddy Ryan Claytor has posted a new page of his conversation with Dr. Polkinhorn from his new book And Then One Day #9. Jump on over to his website and check it out www.elephanteater.com. Ryan, is hyper intelligent when it comes to the Comic field and his knowledge comes together with the subtleties found in each of his pages.

Catch everyone back here next week, and hope to see you at the MSU Comics Forum this weekend.


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Ryan Claytor said...

Hey Jaymond,

This is the first page that I haven't seen before you posted it. 'Twas fun having a little surprise on my Wednesday morning. I'm enjoying seeing your story come together and SOOO-so-so happy that you're back doing sequential pages. It'd been too long.

I know we didn't chat much this past week, but it really helped knowing that we're on this similar production schedule...especially as I was finishing eleventh hour inks on my page that posted yesterday. I just kept thinking,

"Jay's already done with his page! I've GOTTA keep up or he's gonna leave me in the DUST!!!"

Ha-ha! Nothing like a little friendly competition to maintain motivation. Anyway, thanks for the kind words in your post and for takin' this ride with me.

Keep it up, homie!

Ryan Claytor
Elephant Eater Comics