Monday, October 19, 2009

MID-OHIO CON follow-up

It's been two weeks since MOC (Mid-Ohio Con) and I'm just getting to the update, where does the time go?


First off big thanks to the Lansing Road Crew for MOC. They consisted of Rob Forest, Ryan Claytor, Dean Stahl, and Jonathan D Gordon. Getting there was easy... Getting Back... not so much. That's a story for another time though.

Let's start off info about the show with a huge "Thanks" and "Great getting to know you" To Justin Casteneda and The crew from Mutant Cactus.

Justin has put out two books so far When I Was Little... and When I was Little Too. These are great reads and take you back a step or two the Art is great and corresponds really well with the statements about when Justin was little. Be sure to to check out his blog ( and his book's blog ( for more information on his work.

The Mutant cactus crew came prepared with their slew of awesome buttons. They also brought another product to the plate... a comic called TALES OF AWESOME (Story by Derek Watson, Art by Robert Gant, and Lettering by Danny Cooper.) For the first book put out by the crew I commend them they did a fantastic job. The story is about a distopian future where Robots are built and programed to help clean up the mess humans have created. You can only see how well this could turn out right? Well check out the Mutant Cactus site ( for more info and snag a copy of ToA and some buttons while you're at it.

Speaking of Mutant Cactus while standing around peddling my wares Robert Gant took an opportunity to draw me as a zombie.

I think he captured the essence of my undead self.

I'll be coloring this piece soon and starting to use it as an Avatar on Facebook and maybe here as well. Especially with Halloween coming soon I think it's only the proper thing to do.

Below is also some commissions and sketches that I did over the weekend First of was a penciled Green Arrow, it was the first of the day and I was a little uncomfortable starting to work with it but in the end I'm happy with how it turned out.

Next up was a sketch of Hellboy. Now, I love drawing Hellboy but when it was requested to draw Hellboy drinking from a small Teacup, I was floored... I just love this image. It was done for John Scrudder who is associated with the project Cerebus TV, be sure to stop over and check out what's going on with our favorite Aardvark. (

Lastly was a commission I got before the doors even opened Saturday morning. It was requested for me to draw Batgirl from the TV show being attacked by an octopus underwater getting her Scuba Gear and utility belt taken off by the eight armed culprit.

I loved this challenge I completed the commission late Saturday in the lobby of our hotel while the rest of the MOC road crew was crashed out.

Good event, good friends, fantastic weekend...

I'm lookin' forward o next year.


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Robert Forest said...

I love these! Green Arrow is my Fav. Hands down! I love that Emerald Archer!