Monday, September 7, 2009

E.G.G. Pinup

I guess with a title like that you might need a little more of an explanation.

E.G.G., or Ed G. Gunn, is character created by Rob Forest. He's a Hard Boiled detective that services Stark City as a private investigator.

Rob is putting out a new issue of EGG titled "The Trouble with Dames" with this new publication he asked if anyone would like to do Pinups for the book and to make a long story short here's what I did...

Check out Rob's E.G.G. blog here he's got a lot of great stuff on there including his unique style and his noir-ish homages. You should also find another pinup by fellow LADDie Jon Gordon.


1 comment:

Robert Forest said...

I am in AWE! I love the way that you have taken my character and turned him into what I would see him look like professionally. Thanks so much for your time and work. I owe you one!