Tuesday, February 15, 2011

24 Weeks of Sequentials pt. VII

Here we are once again for another exciting page.

Well not quite yet anyways, I'm not finished with the page yet. I'm posting the inks at this time and will update the post this evening once the page is completed. It will be done tonight, just a little later then expected. UPDATE 11:59 pm: Just finished the page, at the last minute to meet my Tuesday night guideline for the 24 weeks of sequentials, this page has by far the most demanding environment page I've done, and I loved creating it, enjoy. (I've left the inks up as well, call it little bonus for my tardiness.)

I want to apologize for not meeting my self imposed production schedule but some things came up and bit into the schedule. So here are my Excuses (you might as well call a pig a pig right?)

1. Taxes... I finally received my last W2 Friday, then proceeded to start processing the business paperwork. Only one problem, I moved my studio recently and misplaced half the paperwork. Well, it took two days to locate the missing paperwork but taxes have been completed.

2. I don't really like posting information regarding my personal life on ye' old blog, but this affected today's production, and hit me in the chestal region so I thought I should share. With 2.5 hours of sleep I awoke at 5am to start today's production and complete page 7. Around 7am I received a call from my mom... I don't usually get a random call from my mom in the morning unless somethings happened. I answered the phone and found my mother unable to make a coherent statement, then only thing she could say is "it finally happened" to which I replied "What happened?" Now I have to state for the record that my mom is the picture of composure and almost always has a smile. This was different though, she couldn't say anything, she stumbled over her words and almost brought tears to my eyes as the pain in her voice smacked into my eardrum. After a minute or so she regained her composure and informed me that my Grandfather, her dad, is in the hospital with 5 broken ribs, congestive heart failure, and a mass on his lung. After speaking with my mother for a little bit she had to get back to work and told me she'd let me know more information later in the day. (Note: He's doing a lot better at this point, he's a cantankerous old goat and as stubborn as they come.) It took me a while this morning to get refocused and back on track.

This is what happens when I take a day off work to get caught up...

In case you've missed the previous pages through the following links.

As with every Tuesday be sure to stop over at Ryan Claytor's website where he's posted his next page of And Then One Day#9. www.elephanteater.com.

This week he has a link to a comment he left on last weeks page post. It goes over his current process with environments, though sadly this leaves out the necessary descriptor about his new found gushing love for perspective grids. I really don't get a chance to use the term "gushing love" that often, this need to be rectified!

Now time to get that thing we so often sacrifice to try and accomplish what we set out to do... sleep.



Ryan Claytor said...

Hi Jay,

So sorry to hear about your grandfather. The description of the conversation with your mom was heartrending. I hope you and your family are doing alright and I wish your grandfather all the best.

With that said, nice work on this page. I can tell this was a lot more environmentally demanding than some of your previous pages (believe me, I can relate...ha-ha) but it was totally worth your hours of lost sleep.

Now go get some well-deserved rest,

Ryan :)

Mr. E! said...

Hope your grandfather is recovering well. The fact that you kept moving on the comic in the face of that is inspiring--not sure how I'd respond to such news.

Also impressed with the comic page. The last panel is amazing. Keep up the good work!